Sunday, May 14, 2017

Annual Sale May 20th, 2017!

Atlanta Cutlery's Annual Sale is almost upon us! On May the 20th the warehouse doors will open and the fun can begin! For all of our regular or new stock items you can get a fixed percentage discount, that means EVERYTHING will have some form of discount. But on the warehouse floor things get decidedly more thrilling! Discontinued items, closed out items, returned and repaired items will be on sale up to 80% OFF! Not in it just for the deals? World renowned sword expert John Clements will be in attendance sharing knowledge through lecture and with a cutting demonstration! Plus there will be a fortune teller for those curious about the future, prize raffles almost every half hour, a selfie tent for making memories and on site BBQ! Not going to be able to make it in person? Well you can still get the fixed percentage online or by phone order, so mark your calendars and don't let the date pass you by!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Why buy a training knife?


Why would you buy a training knife, the answer seems simple right? Obviously, to become a better knife fighter, but this is an inappropriate line of thought. Any altercation with a threat of physical violence on the level of using weaponry, should be avoided at all costs. But using a training knife CAN teach you to become familiar with a style of knife. Meaning how to hold it so that the edge faces towards a threat and what the effective range of motion will be. It can also immensely help build your muscle memory, which is essential for seamlessly deploying your knife under pressure. Not that all training knife use is for battle. Many of the martial arts teach weapon based katas, for those who use martial arts as a workout outlet a real weapon won't be necessary to enjoy the training. If you participate in a truly unscripted life-like sparing match with practice weapons it can teach you the best lesson of all, humility. That in a violent conflict it is all too easy to get grievously injured and it is always better to run and seek out help.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Kukri and Gurkha Myths

The Gurkhas are known for their loyalty, their daring in the face of peril, and the Kukri – a curved blade that serves as an extension of their arm. The Internet is replete with stories of their bravery and the significant role of the Kukri in their deeds. Over time, the courage of these warriors has spawned a number of myths and legends, some of which we will be looking at in this post.  Fact or fiction, you decide.

There is a legend that no Kukri has been broken in battle. What are these blades made of? The knife is often fashioned of high-grade carbon steel which is taken from truck spring or railway lines. These are hard, tough materials. We can say that the probability of this claim is high.

As per another myth, once the Kukri is drawn, it has to draw blood (even the owner’s, if no one’s around). Verify this with a Gurkha and he may laugh at your face. In the rural areas of Nepal, villagers use their Kukris for a number of reasons – protection, cutting meat and vegetables, clearing shrubbery, and gardening. So, it’s safe to assume that a Gurkha will draw out his weapon several times during the day. If this legend were true, then entire villages in Nepal will be wiped out. Cause: Exsanguination!

And finally, perhaps the most fantastic claim of all – a Kukri has boomerang qualities! According to this lore, a Gurkha has it in him to take careful aim through the notch just above the handle, hurl the Kukri at the enemy, decapitate him, and casually pluck the weapon in mid air as it comes towards him. Possible? This sounds incredible and steel does have stirring properties but magic is not one of them.

The reality is that the Kukri does not require hyperbole. It has done enough over the years to warrant its place, on merit, as one of the great weapons in history.   

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Fixed Blade or Folder?

Which is better – the fixed blade or the folder knife? That’s a hard one. Both styles have their share of fans and their worth depends on the environment they are used. Here, we summarize what they bring to the table. 

A fixed blade knife is one solid piece of steel with no moving parts, which makes it less likely to break. Due to this durability, and their greater length and strength, fixed blade knives make for perfect outdoor companions.  They can perform tasks that are invaluable in the wild, such as chopping, prying, digging, hammering, and hunting. Also, they are relatively cheaper than folding knives and require little effort to clean. However, while fixed blades are great for rugged work, they are not as convenient as their folding counterparts.

A folding knife is easier to carry because of its small size. It fits in the pocket, hence the term “pocket knife.” Folding knives are better for tasks that require skill and precision; for instance, extracting objects from crevices, opening boxes and cans, peeling fruit, fishing (cutting line, removing hooks). While they may not have the toughness of fixed blades, folding pocket knives are far from soft and are in many ways safer and less hassling. They also do not draw much attention.

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