Monday, August 25, 2014

Answer to August 21st TBT (Trivia Brainstorming Thursday)

Q: Who was Stonewall Jackson, why was he called 'Stonewall' and what was his real name?

A: Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson was born January 21, 1864 in Clarksburg, VA. He graduated from West Point Academy in New York and also worked as a Professor of Natural and Experimental Philosophy. He was a Lieutenant General in the Confederate army during the Civil War. He earned the name "Stonewall" during the battle of First Manassas or Bull Run. Tradition states General Bernard Elliot Bee of South Carolina either tried to rally his troops by shouting" Form, form there stands Jackson like a Stonewall rally behind the Virginians" and that is what is carved on his grave stone. The other story is that General Bee, upon meeting the Alabama troops, pointed to Jackson in the midst of battle and said "Yonder stands Jackson standing like a 'Stonewall' let us go to his assistance". His image can be seen as the third carving on Stone Mountain in Georgia behind General Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis. Make sure and check out our facebook page where some of our followers have pointed out little known facts or tradition about Stonewall Jackson. Also the video in the references below and the entire website has a lot of fascinating information about Jackson and the entire Civil War in general.

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References Video: "Stonewall Jackson at First Manassas"
Jackson Biography
 TJ "Stonewall" Jackson

Monday, August 18, 2014

Answer to August 14th TBT (Trivia Brainstorming Thursday)

Q: The first book ever printed, was printed by whom and in what year? What happened?

A: Most people answered the Gutenberg Bible printed by Gutenberg. This is technically incorrect. The Anonymously published 42-line Bible was printed by Johann Fust (Faust) and his head foreman Peter Schoeffer in 1456. Johann Gutenberg (born Johann Geinsfleisch) was the inventor of the movable type printing press and most likely printed the first pages of the Gutenberg bible but his lender turned partner, Johann Fust, took him to court due to an outstanding loan. The courts favored Fust and he was able to seize the entire business. Fust and Schoeffer went on to publish more books. Fust, whose family name was later changed to Faust was also rumored to have worked for Laurens Jaansen known as Costa in Haarlem who was possibly the first real inventor of moveable type. Interestingly, he has also been named as a possible inspiration for Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. After Fust died, Schoeffer inherited the business and married Fust's daughter, Christina. He was very successful in the printing business. Gutenberg on the other hand died in poverty three years after having taken a position in the court of the Archbishop of Mainz.  History has credited Johann Gutenberg with his invention by naming that first book 'The Gutenberg Bible' even though he never finished printing it.

Johann Fust
Peter Schoeffer
Johann Gutenberg


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