Thursday, June 30, 2016

Constructing Cutlery

The materials used in knife making is a topic of conversation, that is quite open to the imagination. Virtually every solid has been shaped into the form of knife for at least curiosity, if not practical use. Iron, copper, nickel, gold, glass, bone, stone, plastic and ceramics have all been used for blades. Some of the intrigue in knife making is finding even more exotic or outlandish materials to use, such as meteoric metals or fossilized scales. The reasons for making a specific style of knife can be just as varied as the material. From a working knife, that can perform an intended purpose or a custom artwork specifically suiting a personal taste. Even the smaller details such as pins, scales, pommels and hilts come in endless variety. To build a knife is a marvelous process that can be as simple or involved as the one crafting it. 

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