Wednesday, June 22, 2016

No Train=No Gain=More Pain

Knife combat; it's vicious, lethal and looks pretty BA in the movies. But in real life it is absolutely no laughing matter. Carrying a knife for self defense can make a person feel safer, but if you have no experience using a blade, then the feeling will be fleeting in a struggle. Anyone who carries a knife for defense; needs to know how to use it, preferably without getting cut during the learning process. Training or practice knives are the best tools for safe instruction. Made of plastic, wood, rubber or even thick steel, these knives are left blunt and rounded to ensure no one gets cut or stabbed. At the same time, training knives provide a solid grip, feel and weight, accurate to that of a real knife. With numerous styles of knives available there are also numerous styles of training knives, so that the users can find a practice tool that is close to their actual carry blade.

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