Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Best Blade Forward

At Atlanta Cutlery, the kukri is serious business. Our parent company, Windlass Steelcrafts, has a thorough history supplying kukris to the Ghurkas, as well as to the public. ACC has brought back several antique kukris from Nepal, dating from pre WWI to post WWII. These might be listed as antiques but when you pick one up, the potential to get back to work is palpable. Our reproduction models enjoy specific notoriety and can be seen at home in the hands of the armed forces, as well as that of film crews. With more and more kukris being displayed by mainstream media, the demand has only gone up! Also available, are some modern innovations to the traditional knife, like Cold Steel's folding Rajah series. It's hard to beat the "wow" factor of bringing a 14" kukri from the confines of your pocket! More recently, we brought on the Ka-Bar kukri inspired by our sister company's late founder, Hank Reinhardt. This blade holds special sentimental value to those of us, who had the pleasure of being able to learn from a man of such great passion. However, you decide to use your kukri, whether for display, for labor, or for combat, Atlanta Cutlery has kukris in all shapes, sizes and price ranges!

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