Monday, July 4, 2016

Forming Folders

Folding knives have been around for ages and are constantly evolving with the times. New innovations abound in knife steel, locking mechanisms, assisted opening releases and efficient multi functions. The amount of new steel types is harder than ever to keep up with, like the 7Cr17MoV found in the S&W Border Guard XK. At 54-56 RC this is tough stuff but you might need a degree in metallurgy to notice the small differences in Molybdenum or Vanadium. Cold Steel has brought some serious locking power with the advent of the Tri-ad® lock, found in knives like the Mini AK-47. Touted as the safest and strongest mechanism, it's hard to argue when grown men are doing pull-ups on your knife handles. Most assisted opening releases are by spring these days, but the Camillus Lev-R-Lok actually uses an assist lever! Pressing down on the side of the knife will give you an assist, that is completely manual. When you carry your knife everyday, you use it more. So, naturally, the more it can reliably do, all the better! The Double Plier Multi-Tool from Windlass is just that kind of blade. Having various driver bits is expected in a multi-function knife, but getting functional pliers is the best kind of bonus. Pliers are a great tool to have on hand, and the less space it takes up, the more likely you are to carry it. Keep on checking with Atlanta Cutlery for knives that break the mold!

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