Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Slicing history, the Khukuri way

In today’s times, fossils from eons ago, mummified bodies from a hazy past, and other relics from history feel like time capsules. The aura of objects from the past permeates through and thrills us, perhaps, more strongly than the legends, the stories and their documented histories. The touch of something old holds a memory, and its possession an experience.
The khukuri knife from Nepal, an outstanding item curated by Atlanta Cutlery, is one such weapon from a distant time period that continues to fascinate ardent lovers of knives and collectors. Sourced from 19th century Nepal, these khukuris are best held bare in your hands to soak in their latent power and past energies.
Nepal resisted colonization by the British, with its ferocious Gurkhas (Nepali soldiers) and a rugged terrain protecting her pristineness. The grandness of the British weapons and their fighting mechanism were no match for them or the rawness of the khukuri knives and local guns. A legend goes that the Gurkhas were once even willing to supply ammunitions on loan to the British troop which had surrendered after running out of ammunitions!
These pieces of the past hold secrets for those who care enough to dig deeper. Atlanta Cutlery offers you khukuri knives, bayonets, spare parts and accessories, which bear bruises of history, buried under the sands of time, dust and earth, oil and grease. Ironically, these would be startling departures in any weapon collection amidst shiny blades and refined mechanisms. Rule your inner world, and reclaim a piece of history to make it exclusively yours!

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