Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Turning Chores into Conquests

The falcata, the kopis, the kindjal...these are the names of weapons from an era long since past, but they remain relevant today. The Windlass Cobra Steel Collection is made up of these iconic and traditional blade styles, adapted and reformed into functioning tools for everyday use. Hand forged with high grade, X46Cr13, stainless steel, these tempered pieces are able to perform heavy cutting tasks without deforming their shape. Hard rubber scales take the place of traditional wood and leather handles, providing a sure grip that doesn't dig into the hand during labor. All of the items in this line come with a black leather sheath and, with the exception of the wakizashi, can be affixed to a belt through the provided loops. For Windlass this collection has flourished and we want to expand our offerings! Are there particular swords/weapons of history that you would like to see added to Cobra Steel?

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