Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Celebrate Knife Day with Atlanta Cutlery!

It's National Knife Day! Every August 24th, people can collectively celebrate the wonderful invention that is the knife. From knapped stone to fine surgical steel, the knife has mimicked the evolutionary progress of humankind. While knives have certainly served as a weapons, they are far more valuable as tools. Helping make civilized society possible, knives save far more lives than they endanger when put to work. Also counter intuitive about knives is that they are more dangerous the sharper they are. While a sharp knife makes an easy cut, a dull knife will be more difficult to use and will often lead to accidents when too much force is applied to compensate a lack luster edge. Not only can you find great knives at Atlanta Cutlery, we offer a sharpening service to keep you keen edged as well!

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