Friday, October 28, 2016


At Atlanta Cutlery, we have gone the extra mile to bring to you to an all-embracing collection of dummy weapons and replica guns, touching upon the most remarkable moments of our gun history, from the Civil War to today’s times. After all, what better than a non-firing replica to satisfy our fleeting fancies, complement our decors and reenactment costumes, capture rarities from the past, and play to the spirit of gun-enthusiasts and collectors? Intriguing and safe for virtually anyone to handle, the collection, apart from the extraordinarily real-looking guns, also features dummy shells with caps, stick grenades and even pieces with leather holsters for a wholesome experience! It is tough competition between all these replicas, and the following picks, arranged chronologically, are sure to nudge your yearnings for them or even the originals!

Taken straight from the late 1700s, the Military Flintlock Pistol is the quintessential gun of the late 18th and early 19th centuries, which could be both firearm and club. Who knows, the real hardwood stock and working trigger could perhaps kindle in you the spirit of your long-forgotten ancestors? For all the history and gun geeks, the Versailles 1810 Flintlock Dueling Pistol – Nickel, a faithful imitation of the original in the Royal collection at Windsor Castle, effortlessly seals the deal!

The 1866 Double-Barreled Derringer, perhaps the favorite of its times, came with many variations in finish and decorations, and ruled the market for about 69 years. Our replica does justice to an expensive model, down to the most intricate of details, making it a great showpiece and a great addition to even the most elaborate collections.

Who does not want a WWII piece in their collection? The 1944 Paratrooper Carbine Replica and its 1941 version, with a moving bolt and trigger, and a detachable dummy mag, take emulation seriously and would look their best in your display stands and hands. For those looking for more modern icons, the .357 Magnum Dummy Gun, the replica of the .357 Magnum, satisfies all the demonstrative and display needs, with a supreme make and mobile parts – a trigger you can pull and a barrel which rotates!

Check the complete collection out for more amazing replicas and let us know if there is more you want!

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